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More About Us

Our Team has been lucky enough to be a part of the Elevator Industry at all different levels and positions since the 90's. 


Our owners during there careers, have been in executive roles all the way down to being helper's sweeping out pits. It is with this range of experience that we hold a unique position that separates us from other elevator companies.


We see the big picture. We see how the field employees work and feel, just as well as our upper management.


With that insight we can offer a much more responsive and efficient elevator company.


We eliminated some of the office road blocks. When you call us, you get a answer or a plan of attack almost immediately. Having the best employees in the industry, means we trust there experience and judgement. This stops the dreaded "Desk surfing of files waiting for someone to make a decision on".


We are also lucky enough to have the best field employees in the industry today. They are extremely passionate about their work, but more then that they choose to work at NY / NJ Elevator. With thousands of other companies available, that all offer competitive salaries for top talent, they all choose to work at NY / NJ Elevator. Why? Well they all wanted to be apart of something special. A company that doesn't treat them like a employee, but like a human. A company that they could be proud to help grow. Our field techs are second to none and treat each elevator like it was bringing there own family home! 


***It is very rare in the elevator industry today but at NY /  NJ Elevator we have a waiting list of talented people wanting to join our team! That simply doesn't exist in today's Elevator Industry. It's other Elevator companies number one problem! We are proud to have created a company culture that attracts the best of the best to our team without buying expensive pickup trucks to bring subpar talent over. This allows us to fill key positions to allow us to grow steadily and handle any size project we come faced with. 

Give us a try today, I know you won't be disappointed! 

*Some specialty items we offer

All systems can be installed on your current Elevator

-Remote Monitoring

-Fleet management programs for any elevator company
-2 Way Direct Connect Dispatching
-GPS Systems
-4G Emergency Phone Systems

-Card Reader or RF Tag floor entry systems 

-Color Position Indicators / Touchless Car Fixtures

-Door Lock Monitoring 

-Fireservice overlay

-Door Zone Restrictors 

-Code Compliant 2way emergency calls

-Cab Rehabs

-Controller Overlay Systems

-Package Plans in stages for modernization of equipment


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